FAQ About MixyPaws Pet Care Professionals

Q- Do your walkers have references?

A- Yes, all of our Pet Care Professionals have references from current MixyPaws clients and we are happy to share them with you! Prior to being considered for a position at MixyPaws, all potential employees must also submit multiple personal and professional references.

Q- Will I have the same dog walker every day?

A- Yes, you will have the same walker every day, who we are confident both you and your pup will come to know and love! Continuity is a cornerstone of our service. Should your dog walker ever need a rare day off, we will notify you and one of our Managers or Trusted Pet Care Professionals in your area will be happy to cover the walk, with your permission, so you are never without coverage.

Q- Is MixyPaws bonded and insured?

A- Yes, all of MixyPaws Pet Care Professionals are bonded and insured through our company policy.

Q- Does MixyPaws require background checks for their employees?

A- Yes. Prior to being hired, all potential employees must pass a thorough background check. 

FAQ About MixyPaws Services

Q- Does MixyPaws offer early morning, evening or weekend walks?

A- Yes. MixyPaws happily accommodates our clients' unique schedules, whenever possible. We ask that our clients try to submit scheduling requests for these types of walks with as much notice as possible, as they are often outside of the time range of our walkers' daily routine. Weekend, early morning and evening walks are subject to a surcharge, which is paid entirely to our dog walkers as an incentive to handle the off hour walks.

Q- Do you handle walks for more than one dog in the same household?

A- Yes. As a value added savings, the second dog in the same household is 1/2 the regular price.

Q- Does MixyPaws offer pet sitting services?

A- Yes! MixyPaws offers in-home Pet Sitting for our clients and their furry friends. Only MixyPaws most senior employees handle Pet Sitting assignments. With our in-home Pet Sitting Care, MixyPaws is able to provide our clients the opportunity to have their pup stay in the comfort of their home while they're away and have the company of their second best friend, their MixyPaws Dog Walker.

Q- Does MixyPaws still handle walks in inclement weather conditions?

A- Yes.  As New York City residents, we are accustomed to the elements; rain or shine, your MixyPaws dog walker will be there for your furry friend. For inclement weather conditions, we are happy to provide any extra care and will follow any specific instructions for your pup before, during and after their walks to be sure they are comfortable, clean and happy during inclement weather conditions.

Q- Does MixyPaws only walk friendly dogs?

A- We strive to provide the best care for all client's dogs while understanding that each pup is different.  This being said, safety of our dog walkers and other pups is our top priority.  We require that all potential clients inform us if their dog has demonstrated aggressive behavior in the past; with this information, we can work to accommodate their dog’s needs and walk him or her privately. 

Q- Does MixyPaws offer DOG training?

A- Absolutely! We are proud to have trained several of our clients' pups. Our walkers are highly skilled, life-long dog owners, many of whom have taken courses and several members of our Team are certified in dog training. They will be happy to reinforce the skills you’re working on with your pup during their daily visits. For more advanced training, we are happy to provide private training sessions for both you and your pup together which can be scheduled as a one-time session or as several sessions offered in our training packages.


FAQ Regarding MixyPaws Company Policies 

Q- What number do I call if I need to speak with someone for customer service?

A- Our office number is 917-232-0753 and we are happy to speak with our clients and help resolve any issues or concerns they may have, as well as do our best to answer questions, provide pet care advice and accommodate any special requests. You can also always reach us via email at GetMixy@MixyPaws.com

Q- How will I be charged for the walks?

A- MixyPaws settles payments exclusively by credit card; we accept all major credit cards as a form of payment. Your secure transaction is always preceded by an invoice summary of services for that payment period. Payments are processed every two weeks.

Q- What do I do if I move or my needs change and I no longer need services? Does MixyPaws have a cancellation policy?

A- MixyPaws hopes that you will remain a client for the lifetime of your pup; but we understand that this contract may one day come to an end. MixyPaws asks that you contact us a week prior to cancelling our services so that we can give our walker ample time to adjust. MixyPaws does have a 5-day cancellation policy for sudden stoppage of service. This policy is to protect our employees' income. If you are moving to another area in Manhattan, we will be happy to continue walks in your new location; we ask you provide us the same 5-day notice, if possible, so we can plan accordingly to adjust your existing walkers schedule and set up a meet and greet with your dog's new walker.