MixyPaws Dog Walking Services & Rates

MixyPaws is devoted to providing New Yorkers with a full service customer experience. Our dog walkers are hand selected by Co-Founders Kate and Ethan and MixyPaws Management Team; every MixyPaws Pet Care Professional must pass our training course for new dog walkers & pet sitters. MixyPaws recruits only dog walkers with a lifelong love and respect for animals, along with a track record of high performance, supported by several personal and professional references. MixyPaws performs background checks on every dog walker to guarantee a safe and trustworthy experience for our clients and their dogs. We go the extra mile in every step of the interview process to be sure we find the very best for our clients and their pups.


Mixy (small group) dog walks

Mixy Walks are loved by both New Yorkers and their pups; dogs love our Mixy Walks, as they provide a fun and safe environment to socialize in. New York’s dog parents love knowing their pups are spending their day with their friends and they also love the price!

During Mixy (Small Group Walks) your dog will walk with one or two other pups of a similar size, age and temperament; Mixy Walks provide a walk experience that delivers the perfect balance of exercise and socialization with their closest furry friends in your neighborhood.

*Mixy Walks never exceed three dogs in one group. MixyPaws does not offer "pack walks."

private dog walks

MixyPaws Private Dog Walks are perfect for younger dogs that aren’t quite ready to "get in the mix" with other pups, older dogs who’d rather take it slow and go at their own pace, and pups who need a little extra help with training during their walks. Most importantly, your pup will be the center of attention for the duration of their walks.

During their walks, your dog walker will take your pup on a stroll at their desired pace around your neighborhood, making sure to visit all of their favorite spots. After their one-on-one walk, your dog walker will send photos and/or messages in addition to their daily detailed notes, if requested.

private puppy visits

Prior to the conclusion of the vaccination process, many veterinarians recommend puppies do not go outside*. During this time, MixyPaws' offers Puppy Visits. During Puppy Visits, MixyPaws' Care Givers will be there to:

  • Feed and/or refill your pups water bowl.
  • Provide in-house leash training and work on reinforcing positive behavior and any commands that you may be working on with your pup.
  • Clean up any accidents and change wee-wee pads.
  • Send photos and/or video updates detailing their time with your puppy.
  • And of course, provide your little one with plenty of love and attention!

private puppy walks

When your pup is ready to go outside, your care provider will be there for the next step as they make the transition; your MixyPaws Dog Walker will be there to:

  • Help continue to reinforce any training you and your pup have been working on
  • Show your pup around your neighborhood so they are comfortable and familiar with the area
  • Work on reinforcing positive socialization skills with both people and other pups
  • Send photos and/or messages in addition to their daily notes, if requested
  • Feed and/or refill your pups water bowl
  • Your dog walker will leave detailed notes to let you know how your pup is doing; we ask you keep an open dialogue with your walker and our office staff, so we can provide the best service possible. 
Photo by humonia/iStock / Getty Images

overnight care

Whether you're taking a vacation or traveling for business, your time away will always be a pleasure with MixyPaws! You can rest easy knowing MixyPaws Trusted Caregivers are happy to stay at your home with your pup while you're away, leaving them in the care of their second best friend. Your pup will be at ease, in the place they are most comfortable - your home. 

During MixyPaws In-Home Pet Sitting, your Pet Sitter will follow a specific walk & feeding schedule provided by you for them to follow so your pup can be comfortable in the same routine. They will provide daily updates, stay in your home overnight so your dog is not alone, and will give them extra attention, love and care to insure their happiness and comfort.