Puppy Walks and Visits



Getting a new puppy is so exciting, and if you’re a busy New Yorker, it can also be a BIT OF A handful! At MixyPaws, ALL OF our pet care professionals are lifelong dog owners/dog lovers; many of whom have extensive experience training dogs as well, making them the perfect first companion for your pup while you’re away.

Puppy Visits:

Prior to the conclusion of the vaccination process, many veterinarians recommend puppies do not go outside*. During this time, MixyPaws' offers Puppy Visits. During Puppy Visits, MixyPaws' Care Givers will be there to:

  • Feed and/or refill your pups water bowl

  • Provide in-house leash training and work on reinforcing positive behavior and any commands that you may be working on with your pup

  • Clean up any accidents and change wee-wee pads

  • Send photos and/or video updates

  • And of course, give plenty of love for your little one


*For MixyPaws' clients that have veterinarians who approve of puppies walking outside prior to the conclusion of the vaccination process, MixyPaws recommends a Puppy Potty-Break Walk or a Private Puppy Walk without interaction with other dogs, for your puppy's safety. We are happy to spend the full duration of the walk outside, away from other pups, or we also offer an abbreviated Potty-Break Walk, during which your puppy will go back inside after eliminating and spend the rest of their walk time working on commands, eating, playing, etc. inside. 



When your pup is ready to go outside, your care provider will be there for the next step as they make the transition; your MixyPaws Dog Walker will be there to:

  • Help continue to reinforce any training you and your pup have been working on

  • Show your pup around your neighborhood so they are comfortable and familiar with the area

  • Work on reinforcing positive socialization skills with both people and other pups

  • Send photos and/or messages in addition to their daily notes, if requested

  • Feed and/or refill your pups water bowl

  • Your dog walker will leave detailed notes to let you know how your pup is doing; we ask you keep an open dialogue with your walker and our office staff, so we can provide the best service possible.


Puppies who have had MixyPaws Puppy Visits prior to walking outside often find they are ready to walk with other pups sooner than expected, as they have already been trained on the leash. When you and your pup are comfortable, we can discuss integrating your puppy into a small group of friends on a Mixy Walk.

*For doggie parents interested in two or more Puppy walks or visits per day on an ongoing basis, we are happy to discuss discounted rates