• Must be a life-long dog owner and most importantly, a dog lover!
  • Must be cleared by Co-Founders, Kate and Ethan, as well as our Management Team to begin training after an in person and a phone interview. 

  • Must pass a thorough background check 

  • Must complete MixyPaws' two-three week hands on training course; during which they will shadow and work hand-in-hand with several of MixyPaws' longest tenured employees. 

  • Must provide several verified business and personal references.

  • Must make a minimum six month commitment to being a dedicated member of MixyPaws Team.


Ellen D.

Hi, my name is Ellen!  I grew up in Juneau, Alaska with a number of wonderful Labradors. I had Jake, a yellow lab who was a true gentle giant and Dobey, a wonderfully spirited black lab.  My current dog in residence is Puck, who is one handsome chocolate lab.  I graduated with a BFA in Musical Theater from Western Carolina University in 2016.  I moved to NYC to work as a professional actor and my love for theater is the only thing in the world that rivals my love for dogs.  Being an Alaska grown girl, I love the outdoors in all kinds of weather and I can keep up with the most energetic and enthusiastic pups.  I have a special spot in my heart for senior dogs and dogs with special needs.  One day, I plan to open a senior dog retirement home; a place where senior pups who have found themselves without a home and can live out their golden years in peace.  In my spare time, you can find me singing or tap dancing.  I’m looking forward to caring for your furry friends!

Lauren H.

Hi, my name is Lauren. I was born and raised in the fast paced Garment District in NYC. I grew up with the privilege of being able to visit my Grandmother’s house and taking care of her sweet half Black Labrador, half Dalmatian named Duke, and a small spunky chihuahua mix named Bandit. From a tender age I’ve felt a great love and appreciation for animals. After wanting a dog for many years, my dreams finally came true when I adopted two Chihuahua and German Shepherd mix boys named Charlie and Foster four years ago. I’ve never been more happy than when I’m with my adorable, silly and loving dogs that I consider part of my family. The tremendous love I have for those two little guys is the reason why I’ve looked into dog walking. I’ve always worked in other fields but continued to find myself at my happiest when I’m with my two dogs. From our walks to our playtime I love giving my dogs the uttermost respect, attention and love. Outside of caring for dogs, I am pursuing a degree in teaching. I’m a very patient and nurturing person not only with children but with animals as well.  I can’t wait to meet you and your furry friend and create a beautiful bond we will never forget.

Leandro F.

Hi, my name is Leandro, I grew up in São Paulo, Brasil, surrounded by dogs and cats of several breeds ever since I was a kid. Most of them were rescued from the streets. Pity, Roliço and Pingo were my first dogs. Pantera, Asper and Chorão were the last dogs I’ve lived with in Brazil. Then, I moved to NYC, and I share my apartment with Theo, a small Shih Tzu. I have a bachelor degree in International Trade, but since I’m passionate about reading and writing I’m looking forward for a new graduation in ScreenPlay. I just love being around animals, I even let them sleep with me in the bed, it’s easy for me create a connection and earn their love and trust. Taking care of a dog is not a burden, it’s a gift. I’m thankful and blessed to spend time with pets. I love being outdoors and it’s even better when I have pets to keep me company, because being around them naturally brings me love and joy. That’s why dog walker is such a great job for me. I’m friendly with all breeds and ages, and I’m aware of their distinct necessities. The pets safety will be my main priority and I’m sure we’ll have a great time together. 

Katie J.

Hi, my name is Katie. I grew up in rural Minnesota with 2 cats and the world's sweetest Yellow Lab, named Honey. I moved to New York in 2011 to attend Barnard College, and I'm currently enrolled in Fordham University's Master of Social Work program. In the future, my goal is to work with programs that bring companion animals into the lives of populations in need, particularly victims of domestic violence. I currently have 3 pups of my own: Bowie, a Black Lab/Weimaraner mix; Keeley, a Pit Bull/Australian Cattle Dog mix; and Kipper, a Wire Haired Dachshund/Terrier mix. They and my cat, Judge, are one of the best parts of my life, and in addition to taking care of my own pets, I have enjoyed walking and taking care of other dogs as a part-time job for several years. I love spending time with pups and being outdoors, and being a dog walker is the kind of job that doesn't feel like work to me, as it is truly a joy.

Jackie M.

Hi! My name is Jaquelyn Mora. I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I am a proud owner of a 16 year old adorable & grumpy shih tzu named Coachie. I recently graduated from Aveda Institute of South Florida with a full specialist/ esthetician license and am currently a student. I plan to open my own lash extension/brow studio in the near future. My hobbies include enjoying nature, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and watching movies. Patience is a virtue which I truly believe I possess, which makes me an excellent dog walker. I am a considerate, patient, reliable and trustworthy dog lover who will give your pet the love and attention it needs!


Kevin B.

Hi! My name is Kevin, I am French and I grew up near Paris, surrounded by a German Sheperd, a Dachshund and a Labrador Retriever, all adopted at the French ASPCA. After getting my Diploma, I went to the School of Non-Commissioned Officer in the French Army, where I was sergeant for 6 years. I moved to the Upper East Side with my wife, and my plan, in addition to walking and caring for pups with MixyPaws, is to become a certified dog trainer here. In my free time, I enjoy going to concerts or games and I also volunteer at NY Cares and The Central Park Conservancy. I am an animal lover who has been surrounded by dogs his entire life, I know how to take care of them. I am patient, highly motivated and punctual. I can't wait to explore the city with your furry best friends!


Cristina R.

Hi, My name is Cristina! I grew up in the town of Gurabo, Puerto Rico. When I was young I had a Shetland Sheepdog named Chompsky, a sassy Pomeranian named Gus Gus and a Poodle named Khufu. I recently finished my Masters degree in Archaeology, and one day hope to do a Ph.D. and teach at a University about the great things that hide underneath the earth. I wanted a job that would let me be outside, and help me discover the great city I currently live in. I love how animals, especially dogs, brighten everyone's day, and wanted to be surrounded by that joyful company. Having had many dogs myself, I know how important they are to a family. I am patient, caring, and dedicated, all qualities I believe allow me to be a good dog walker. I like to read (books/comics), spending time with friends, and being outdoors. I love dogs and would love to walk any size dog. I will treat your pooch as one of my own (they might even learn a little Spanish)! I look forward to meeting you and your four-legged companion!

Christina R.

My name is Christina and I’m from Sweden. I am the youngest of three girls. I grew up in the country side in Sweden, surrounded by animals; my family raised horses, rabbits, and ducks. We also had two dogs in the family; a Springer Spaniel, named Athino, and a Golden Retriever, named Sune. My latest dog who was my own was a Rottweiler named Charlie, and he was like my son, we did everything together. I have an education as a assistant nurse and working in the medical field is probably something I will pursue in the future. In addition to being very fond of working with people, I have a true love for caring for animals, which is what inspired me to join MixyPaws Team; I believe I have the best job in the world. My hobbies otherwise include traveling, and I been traveling as much as possible since high school; I’ve seen all of Latin America, most of Southeast Asia, and Europe. I can’t wait to meet your furry friend and promise to love them as my own.

Alexa B.

Hi! I'm Alexa, born and raised in Queens. Though I've never owned a dog of my own (tragically) I did grow up taking care of other people's dogs all the time. Most of my experience comes from taking care of the dogs (and cats!) at the shelter, North Shore Animal League America, where I used to work. It was during that time that I decided that my future had to be working with animals in one way or another. I took to working with the trainers, learning everything that I could and decided to take my education a step further and go to school for dog training. I completed my training around the same time I graduated from college with a degree in forensic psychology. My goal is to continue working with dogs and learning as much as I can, with the hopes of one day owning my own dog training business, with a focus on service and therapy dogs. My passion has always been with dogs; every dog I meet is the best dog in the world. I'll take the time to get to know each of your pups with patience and respect because pets are family and I can't wait to be best friends with all of them!


Emily H.

Hi! My name is Emily. I was born and raised in the small town of Abilene, Kansas.  I was very lucky to grow up in the country, as I was surrounded with animals. This allowed me to realize my love for all animals at a very young age.  Our first family dogs were Zorro and Moose, both Labrador Retrievers. From then on, we had mostly rescued dogs including; a Papillon, KiKi, a Boxer mix, Domino, an Italian Greyhound, Payday, and a Chihuahua mix, Mario.  I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology.  My passion for animals, being able to care for them, and the love of being outdoors is what brought me to MixyPaws.  I hope to continue my career in animal care and conservation.  In my free time, I like to go to concerts, hang out with friends, and be outdoors! I am a very optimistic and patient person which I believe will help me build relationships with your dog! I can't wait to meet you and your furry best friends! 

Laura B.

Hi, I’m Laura! I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. Growing up, I had a King Charles Cavalier named Cleo, as well as some guinea pigs. I moved to New York City to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. I recently completed my bachelors degree in acting. I became a dog walker because nothing makes me happier than being around dogs! I wanted my day job to involve animals and thanks to MixyPaws, it does. In my spare time, I like to explore the city and see Broadway shows. I can’t wait to meet you and your pup!

Erik E.

Hi! I'm Erik. I grew up in Washington State greater Olympia area and have had dogs all my life. My first dog was a Great Pyrenees named Seth, followed by Shelties named Beau, Precious, Tierra, Heather, and finally, Gigit- a Welsh Corgie. I have a bachelor of Fine Arts (theatre) and my goal is to one day be a consistently working professional actor on both stage and screen. Right now, I'm starting my role as the lead in an off Broadway play and have the pleasure of spending my days with dogs working for MixyPaws. I joined MixyPaws because I can't imagine a better way to spend my day than hanging out with pups. I'm confident I'll make an excellent dog walker for your best friend as I am patient with a positive attitude, possess a sensitivity to the needs of dogs and of course, a great love of all animals. In my spare time I'm also a musician; I play guitar and banjo. I promise to provide your pup with the most enjoyable, safe experience on our daily walks and to treat them with the love and respect I'd show my own dog. 

Helen S.

Hi! I’m Helen. I grew up in Montclair, New Jersey. Throughout my life, my family has owned several dogs of several breeds and we loved every one of them like family! Our dogs included, Frankie the Dachshund, Annie the Golden Retriever, Yeppie the Maltipoo, and Lucy- a 2 yr old Siberian Husky and our current family dog! I have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Pace University; my future career goal is to work in a freelance environment in the creative content development field while continuing my dog walking career. I joined the MixyPaws team as I wanted to be involved in a more rewarding and active environment, one that allows the luxury of being outdoors while spending time with one of the best species on the planet! I'm a very upbeat, positive person and would do my very best to give off that energy to any dogs in my care. Having taken care of dogs in pretty much every age range, I understand the amount of energy younger pups need to exert to feel calmer and relaxed at night and how older dogs would need more patience and a slower pace. I promise to take care of your dog as I would my own and give them plenty of love and attention every day.

Diana S.

Hi! My name is Diana, born and raised in Queens, New York. I have always had a dog in my life, my first was a Belgian shepherd named Trixie then a Jack Russell Terrier/Shepherd mix named Penny. I now have a 60 lb. Staffy mix named Ripley from the ASPCA. She is a high energy lady and has taught me how to handle larger, stronger breeds. I want to pursue a career in animal care and dog walking is broadening my knowledge of different breeds and their unique personalities. I'm punctual, patient and care for every dog as if they are my own; they are family members and deserve the best. My past times are watching hockey, painting, going hiking and being outdoors. I can't wait to meet you and your pup and provide a safe, fun walk! 

Olivia S.

Hi! My name is Olivia. I grew up in Mulberry, Florida with a Westie who is now 12. I graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in animal biology. I am pursuing a career in veterinarian medicine and am wanting to focus on preventive care and natural cures. I moved to New York City to experience a different place, environment and come across new opportunities during my gap year. My love for dogs, being outdoors and of course missing my own pup drove me to become a dog walker. My friendly demeanor, punctuality, patience and drive make me a great trustworthy dog walker. When I am not walking dogs I enjoy traveling, playing soccer, and any outdoor activity in general. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your furry family members!

Alex S.

Hi there, my name is, Alex, I grew up in south Texas with a golden retriever named Shadow and an English pointer named Robin (the first of our ever growing line up of furry family members) and that is where my love of animals began. At a young age, I enjoyed horseback riding and taking care of Peanut Butter, a horse, and being involved in 4H, where I learned hands-on about farm animal husbandry. The stage was calling me and after high school, I studied Theater at Texas State University in the hill country of Texas, surrounded by a beautiful river and life long friends. I would love to save all the homeless animals in the world and place them into perfect homes but I will settle for something more realistic; re-homing local animals and eventually "retiring" at an animal sanctuary. I have so much happy energy and love to give and I can't wait to meet your pup!

Alyssa S.

My name is Alyssa, I grew up in the Bronx so New York City has always felt like one big backyard of adventure. Growing up I had 2 dogs, Brownie, a cocker spaniel and Sheeba, a rottweiler. When I was little I was convinced they were my siblings and tried to do everything with them. Taking care of them was one of the most fulfilling parts of my childhood; few things are as pure as the connection people share with their pets. It's one of the main reasons I'm so enthused to be a dog walker. Although, Sheeba and Brownie have both passed, I know the patience and care I can offer is far from spent. I studied Psychology at Barnard College and am now working towards freelance Graphic Design and App Development. My main hobby is exploring the city. I'm so excited to get to explore with your pets!


Hello! My name is Joseph. I grew up in Washington Heights with my Chow Chow, Onyx, and Shih Tzu, Diamond. I majored in Liberal Arts at BMCC and I am looking into classes for filmmaking and acting; it would be my dream field of work, in the future. I always hoped to have the opportunity to work with dogs, and am so glad to have found MixyPaws. I have always had a great love for pets since I was young; I believe they gave me a lesson in patience and responsibility that I have carried with me my whole life. In my spare time, I practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. I cannot wait to meet your dog and care for them everyday!

Elanna C.

My name is Elanna and I was born and raised in southern Maryland, just outside Washington D.C.  I graduated from a one-year photography conservatory in 2014 and aspire to build a career in photography. I chose to become a dog walker because it not only allows me the flexibility to pursue my photography ambitions but also allows be to spend time with dogs; it’s the greatest job getting to spend my days with pups, especially while I have to be away from my dogs- an 11-year-old lab mix, Keiko and my 10-year-old husky mix, Max. I am a mature, responsible and dependable person. I want you to rest assured that your dog will be in good hands with me. I will treat him or her with only the greatest love and care.


Crystal R.

Hi! I’m Crystal. I grew up in Queens, New York. My love for dogs started early, as I had a black retriever mix, who I grew up with. Now, I have two dogs, Sonnie and Charlie. I have my college degree in Psychology; I hope to one day apply my degree in working with helping others with mental illnesses. In my professional career, I hope to always have a role in caring for animals, both cats and dogs alike are very dear to my heart. I wanted to become a dog walker because I love animals; they bring nothing but joy and laughter. I have always loved animals and this felt like the perfect fit for me. The characteristics I possess are patient, caring, attentive, and an absolute dog lover, each of which I believe make me a wonderful fit for MixyPaws. My hobbies are reading, going to the movies with my family and friends, and spending time with my dogs, Sonnie and Charlie. 

Jon R.

Hi! My name is Jon. I was born in the Bronx, however I spent most of my years growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY. When I was a child, my grandmother owned a poodle named Diamond that I'd see everyday, and my boy Sammy is a 5 year old Shitzu/Lhasa Apso mix. I graduated with my Bachelors in English from Binghamton University. I started walking because the opportunity to spend my days outside with dogs was too awesome to pass up! I want to help MixyPaws provide the best service and care for all of our best friends. I am patient and observant, and always look out for the best interest for all of my dogs; their happiness is most important. When I'm not working, I spend my nights and weekends playing music in several NYC-based bands. 


Natayla L.

Hello, my name is Natalya! I grew up in Coney Island and travelled with my family between Brooklyn and the Catskills. During the winter, I still go back up on weekends to teach snowboarding lessons to kids and to let my Boxer-Chihuahua mix, Ace, run free! I believe that my experience working with children has helped me to be an attentive, patient, and energetic dog walker for MixyPaws. I love all dogs, and treat each dog that I meet with love and compassion. I look forward to meeting and spending time with your furry friends!

Brian R.

Brian was born in Queens, NY but grew up in nearby Old Tappan, New Jersey with two shih tzu's named Toby and Ollie. He graduated St. John's University in 2009 with a degree in Government and Politics. It was there where he discovered his passion for writing. Brian plans to be an established writer someday and his love for writing is only matched by his love for dogs! He currently resides in Northern Manhattan with his morkie Henry and his rabbit Divina. In his spare time, Brian enjoys attending Mets games, as he is an avid fan.  


Lydia D.

Hello dog lovers! My name is Lydia and I grew up in Western Australia. I have always been a big animal lover, and I grew up with several dogs which were very dear to me; Becky a Yorkshire Terrier, Starlene, a beautiful white Labrador, and Al, a fantastic German Shepherd. I attended college in Australia and have done nutritional studies in dog food, completed a dog training course, and have had many years of experience walking dogs. My goal is to become one of the best dog walkers in New York and continue to expand in areas of business relating to dog and animal welfare. My love for animals, particularly dogs, my fitness levels, my reliability, and concern for safety make me an excellent dog walker. My hobbies are going to restaurants, movies, reading, and I also enjoy shopping! To all of the pet parents out there, I give you my absolute promise and pledge I will do everything in my power to make sure your beloved dog has a safe, fun, and happy walk!


I'm a recent college graduate who moved two thousand miles to New York to pursue a career in publishing. I grew up in Utah, where I spent most of my childhood begging my parents to let me have a dog until they finally brought home Zoey, a beagle, and later Otis, a lovable Shih Tzu. My first job (age 9) was walking Goldie, my grandfather's Golden Lab. I love books, baseball, dogs, and long walks. People have described me as "responsible," "punctual," and "charismatic." Dogs would probably describe me similarly, if dogs could talk. 

Rose P.

My name is Rose and I’m a Queens girl. I grew up with dogs in the house my entire life. We had Great Danes when I was a baby, a Chihuahua, and then a Husky. I had my Pekingese, Otis, for 14 years. Dogs genuinely own my heart, I love them very much; with this love, it wasn’t much of a challenge to leave other career paths alone. There isn’t a bad day that a wagging tail can’t make better. I’m also interested in photography, so don’t be surprised to get some cool shots of your pup from our walks! 

Lindsey C.

Hi! I’m Lindsey. I grew up in Salem, West Virginia. In that time, I had the pleasure of raising many pups of my own including German Shepherds, Shih Tzus, Australian Shepherds and a motley crew of mixed breeds. As a result of those years and experiences with dogs of my own, I decided to dedicate my time to dog walking and to my own dog, a Shih Tzu named Bellatrix. My great love and respect for dogs give me a great advantage as a dog walker; I also feel my excellent work ethic and dedication to giving my all to any endeavor contributes to making me a wonderful fit for such a detail-oriented job. In addition to my work with animals, I am also an actress, writer and comedian and I spend my spare time making independent films and shooting episodes for my comedy blog. I am glad to be working with MixyPaws and their clients; I promise to do my best to go above and beyond to provide a wonderful, safe experience for you and your pups!

Kristen A.

Hi! My name is Kristen. As a little girl in the Bronx, my family and I had a tiny chihuahua, whose name was Tiger. For my schooling, I attended Columbia University, where I majored in Urban Studies with a concentration in Sociology. After college, I worked in a non profit for six years as an operations manager, and during time I had a wonderful grey cat. I am currently studying for the GMATs in hopes of entering business school in the coming years. I became a MixyPaws dog walker because I wanted a change in pace and I love working closely with animals. I am hardworking, responsible, compassionate, honorable, and detail oriented. I believe those are some of the characteristics that make a wonderful dog walker. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the movies, running, reading, and spending time with family and friends.  

Ashley H.

Hi! My name is Ashley. I’m a born and raised New Yorker. Throughout my life, I have been given the chance to grow up with different dog breeds such as two Siberian Huskies who went by the names Niko (the father), and Nikabella (the daughter), a Maltese named Lola, two mixes of a Maltese and a French Miniature Poodle named Lucky (the grandfather), and Pancho (the grandson); I also had two Vizlas who went by the names Rowen and Riley. Last but not least, a Shih Tzu names Linus. Aside from caring for dogs, I am currently working on getting myself back into college for this upcoming fall semester, after completing my first semester in Las Vegas. I intend on continuing to major in Psychology, with a minor in journalism. With a Psychology degree, I plan to be a therapist. In the meantime, I encountered the role of becoming a dog walker. I wanted to become a dog walker because I genuinely become more happy when I am with dogs, and the physicality of the job keeps me active and outside. There’s nothing better than a day out in the city and being with dogs! I believe what makes me an excellent dog walker is my genuine affection. Aside from dog walking, I enjoy taking walks around the city and taking pictures of all scenery around me, as well as writing, reading, and listening to music. 

Emily B.

Hello! My name is Emily. I grew up in Westchester County, New York, with a Weimaraner named Roscoe, as well as several cats and a bird. I graduated from SUNY University at Buffalo in 2013 with a degree in Visual Studies, and moved to New York City shortly after with a career in the translation and localization industry. I come from the corporate work sector, so you can expect punctuality, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic from me. I adore animals of all kinds (furry, feathered, and even scaly!), and have a genuine desire to take care of and make friends with as many dogs (and people) as I possibly can! When I'm not working, you can find me drawing, reading, swing dancing, or exploring the city. No matter the species or breed, I can't wait to meet your four-legged friend and give them the love and respect that they deserve!

Juan F.

 Hello! My name is Juan. I was born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. My love of all dogs stems back to my childhood best friend, Bruno, a golden retriever whom I loved very much. I now spend the majority of my time with my four year old Brittany pup, Chief. We love exploring the city and because of him, I've built so many great memories and experiences. When I'm not having fun with my pup, I'm working towards my career goal which is to work in the medical field. I also love photography, and grabbing my camera is a perfect excuse to get around as well as taking my little pup along for the ride. Lastly, I have a huge devotion to ensuring the happiness and well being of all dogs. All it takes is patience and plenty of tender loving care. I'm very excited and can't wait to meet all of your wonderful pups and begin many new exciting adventures! 


Pedro G.

Hi! I was born and raised in Cayey, Puerto Rico. Since I was a child, I have always loved animals. My parents brought me up with dogs and each one of them played an important role in my life. During the summer of 2001, I came to my house with a puppy in my arms, a Cocker Spaniel that I named Vincent. He grew up with me, and taught me to develop my passion towards dogs. I worked at the Saint Francis Veterinary Hospital for four years, where I learned a lot about Canine health. I came to New York this past year and was very happy to begin my rewarding role with MixyPaws; in addition to my work with MixyPaws, I hope to rescue dogs as well, to help rehabilitate them. I love sports, listening to music, watching movies, enjoying nature, but the most important thing for me is spending time with my family. I am glad to be part of the MixyPaws team and it will be an honor to walk and take care of your dog! I will take care of them as if they were my own and will always prioritize making them feel comfortable, safe and happy. 

Miranda L.

Hi! I’m Miranda. I grew up in Far Rockaway with a Basset Hound named Barney, a Cocker Spaniel named Goldie, and a German Shepherd named Athena; each of my pups had their own unique personalities and I loved them all very dearly. Right now, in addition to being a member of the MixyPaws Team, I’m in the process of beginning a certificate program for LPN (License Practitioner Nurse) at Monroe College. My career goal is to become an RN, as I am a health enthusiast and enjoy helping people. I also love animals of all sorts (especially dogs!) and like to keep very active, making working with MixyPaws a perfect fit for me, as I am able to be outdoors with wonderful, furry friends exploring New York. I feel I have a very special understanding and connection with dogs, as I've had several fur babies of my own, and in addition to working with MixyPaws, I also have prior experience working at a veterinary clinic; I have seen and learned a lot about all breeds and am happy to be a resource for any questions doggy owners may have about the health and well being of their pets. I promise to give your pup all of my love and attention, while keeping them safe and providing a fun experience every day!

Jordan F.

Hello, my name is Jordan. I grew up in Somers, NY (Northern Westchester county) and graduated from Syracuse University with a Masters in Special Education and a B.S. in Education; in addition to walking dogs with MixyPaws, I am a New York City Public School teacher. In my life, I have had several experiences walking, watching, and feeding the dogs of family and close friends and have always felt a special connection with them. I wanted to become a dog walker to spend quality time with great animals and to actively walk the streets of New York, in addition to teaching. I know I will be a great dog walker for your best friend because I am patient, compassionate, and a person who loves to be active. I'm looking forward to meeting you and your delightful dogs!

Kendra K.

Hi, I’m Kendra! I grew up in Maryland right outside of Washington D.C. with a chocolate standard Poodle named Kika. Once I entered college, my family adopted our current rescue poodle mix, named Barney. I attended college here in New York City at The School of Visual arts (SVA) where I received a BFA. If I’m not walking dogs, I’m drawing! I enjoy working with dogs as my full time job because I love animals (of course) and I prefer to be outside walking on a daily basis rather then being cooped up indoors. I’m very patient with dogs of any personality or training level and love working with many different breeds and temperaments!


Laura F.


Hey! My name is Laura. I was born and raised in NYC (Upper West Side). I'm currently studying psychology at City College; I'm working towards becoming a clinical psychologist. I have a beautiful dog named Teddy who's a corgi/german shepherd mix, who I adore. Having a dog has taught me to be more patient and responsible; I love working with MixyPaws, as I get to spend time with dogs all day and they always put a smile on my face. When I'm not working, you can find me reading, taking pictures and visiting museums. I can't wait to meet all your beautiful dogs and give them all my love!